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Heating Cable for Curing Concrete

Heating Cable for Curing Concrete

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  • Series type heating cable
  • Minimum bend greater than 10 mm
  • Hard-wearing and flexible
  • From 0.07 ohms/m to 2500 ohms/m
  • 125 V, 230 V, 380 V


Technical Features

Heating wire Nickel-Copper or Nickel-Chrome
Dimensions cable Outer Ø 3.5 mm
Cable structure ≤ 2 ohms/m – Stranded wires
>2 ohms/m – Spiral wound wires
Conductor insulations Silicone elastomer
Outer sheath PVC
Permissible surface temperature Up to 80ºC/100ºC
Certificates CE Certificate and Rohs Declaration